Co2 emissions, are you informed enough to speak?

In case you want to better understand the dynamics of CO2 emissions, you ended up in the right place.

So now take two minutes, get comfortable and let’s start clarifying.

CO2 emissions
CO2 emissions

Carbon dioxide (The chemical formula is Co2)

it is a gas that is produced during combustion, when the carbon contained in the fuel is combined with 2 oxygen atoms present in the air. 

Excessively producing carbon dioxide brings enormous damage to the environment precisely because it makes the existence of Ozone difficult.

Ozone is a layer of gas that is found in the Earth’s atmosphere and protects us by filtering the ultraviolet rays that come from the sun.

Another consequence of the excessive presence of carbon dioxide is the global warming of the climate.

In fact during the daytime the surface of the earth stores the heat coming from the sun.

While in the night the heat is emitted and dispersed in the space.

CO2 emissions an exaggerated amount

e-commerce ecological products
e-commerce ecological products

 The exaggerated concentration of CO2 in our planet generates instead,

a hood that makes it difficult to expel the heat that the earth has absorbed during the hours of light.

Carbon dioxide emission levels are also a consequence of industrial human activity typical of already developed countries.

In fact, to generate energy  , factories and industries use the combustion of fossil fuels such as oil or coal.

Besides, a big problem is deforestation

in fact trees absorb a lot of the carbon dioxide that we produce by releasing oxygen into the air.

However, every human and animal being produces carbon dioxide, 

both breathing (quantity not harmful to the planet)

both with our habits and what we consume day by day.

Now let’s see some actions that cause the emission of Co2

  • Leaving a freezer on means generating 40 g of CO2 every hour.
  • Keeping a 60 sqm apartment warm with classic home heating produces emissions of 20 kg per day
  • Taking a shower means expelling 1 kg of CO2 into the air
  • Leaving the bulb on for 4 hours generates 0.2 kg of CO2.
  • Washing in the dishwasher is like taking a shower, 1 kg of CO2 in the air
  • Driving for 10 km with a petrol car (13 km with 1 liter) means emitting 2 kg of carbon dioxide

Precisely for this reason the mission of us as living beings should be to preserve our planet.

Maybe changing our habits!

For this reason we have developed a line of ecological products , our mission is to help you feel good with the environment.

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