Daily ecology, 7 steps for a more sustainable life.

It is often said that the contribution of each of us is important especially when it comes to the fight against pollution, therefore daily ecology is fundamental.

If you too feel somehow responsible for this situation and want to limit the pollution of the earth, I advise you to relax and start reading this guide.

In 7 points I will list you simple everyday ecology behaviors that will help you limit your environmental impact

let’s start with daily ecology!

daily ecology
daily ecology

Buy zero kilometer products

The products at km 0 by definition cannot exceed 70 kilometers from the place where they were produced

This habit will allow you to save money, in fact, since there are no intermediaries, you will not have to pay unnecessary surcharges

You can also support the local economy and the absence of packaging and transport makes it a very green behavior!

Turn off the tap when you brush your teeth

It will seem an unimportant impact but only with this behavior will you avoid wasting 10,000 liters of water per year!

You also choose to take a shower instead of a bath,

Replace classic bulbs

Replace the classic bulbs with low energy ones.

You will consume 5 times less electricity.

Even if they are more expensive, they last a lot longer so not having to change them often you will save … and a lot!

Stop smoking

Quitting smoking is among the most important things for both your health and the environment, in fact if we considered only 10 cigarettes a day for a year

you would avoid the production, the consumption and the dispersion of 3650 butts .. Not bad!

Do not use plastic bottles

Around 500 billion plastic bottles are used every year in the world, it is stupid to use them, unnecessary pollution ..

Also because the solution exists and is simple to integrate into daily ecology.

Buy a water bottle !!!. But avoid those in aluminum (toxic to humans) and plastic (they release microplastics in liquids).

In this article on how to choose a water bottle, I will help you make an informed choice.

ecological water bottles
ecological water bottles

Use soaps that do not contain microplastics

Using ecological soaps will help you save pollution of around 750,000 particles in one bottle.

Also consider renewable energy!

Move on foot or by bicycle

This is the simplest solution, you will keep fit and do good for the planet, save money and be satisfied with yourself.

I, following these steps, felt very satisfied with myself.

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e-commerce prodotti ecologici
e-commerce prodotti ecologici

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