Ecology: is there environmental sensitivity in the new generations?

Ecology: The revenge of the new generations!

Would you believe it if I told you that the new generations are the most active in fighting environmental pollution? Ecology smiles!

Strange but true.

For once, we adults have to take example from our children. About 80% of children would give up their habits to reduce the impact of pollution.

Once it is ascertained that it is precisely the new generations that keep up with pollution, there is a further and FUNDAMENTAL argument to be explored:

How to teach ecology to children!

I would start by highlighting the fact that we are in an era where we have lost the value of everything around us, how important and at the same time too neglected the air we breathe, the water we drink and wash with, nature which allows us to live. All too often we hear news of environmental catastrophes caused by human inattention: pollution of water and air, felling of trees, waste of resources, etc. These are not events that happen autonomously, there is always the hand of man that creates chaos in the ecosystem.


This is why it is important to explain respect for the environment to our children .

The world of children is dominated by innocence and light-heartedness, where the problems of the world are very far away. This, however, must not contain parents in explaining what is ecology and what are the good habits to decrease pollution.

It is never too early to start doing it.

Obviously, educating him from an early age allows to train a reliable and responsible adult. The trick is to explain the topics in the form of a game, not showing the issues in a traumatic way. Talk to your child about how beautiful and easy it can be to protect animals, people and consequently the world.

Everything makes sense if the parents are the first to set an example.

Needless to say, the parents are the first educators of the child, the role of the family is fundamental. Being a good example serves to start transmitting to the boy a sense of responsibility and sensitivity for the well-being of the planet.

The child has a curious disposition and, consequently, absorbs everything around him, every behavior of the parent is in turn emulated by the boy. Every member of the family must make sure to give responsible attitudes and positive examples.

An Ecologic lifestyle .

We have already dealt with the topic of how important it is to respect the environment with the small gestures of our daily lives, but in this case, we are talking about establishing respect for the environment in the child’s daily actions.

We can start by talking about water to brush our hands or teeth, it is important to close it when we soap our hands or brush our teeth. Be extremely careful not to use the water in the shower for too long.

Teach to avoid any kind of waste .

Turn off the light when leaving the room, do not leave any electronic device on. Water and electricity are precious resources that should not be wasted.

We must teach children that food should not be wasted at all, the food ecosystem is the cardinal principle that must be taught from the first years of life.

Another important theme is travel, teaching them to tackle small trips on foot or by bicycle, to make it clear that this way you avoid creating pollution. Going to school can also be done sustainably, on foot or by bicycle if the school is nearby, or organize with other parents to use as few cars as possible.

Seen? Nothing could be simpler!

As you can see, there is nothing so complicated in teaching your child the right ways to respect the environment in which he lives.

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