Ecomaphies, history and numbers of crime.

The ecomafie are constantly increasing, while the perception of risk , especially when compared to other types of offenses, remains extremely low.

This erroneous perception does not encourage the spontaneous development of environmentally friendly behavior and prevents the establishment of a virtuous circle between civil society, local administrations and law enforcement.

In the ecobuisness sector, organized crime activities are marked by an open and violent conflict with the State for the continuous search for infiltration spaces in the business fabric, in order to exploit the best and most sophisticated opportunities for recycling and reinvesting profits offenses.

Environmental crimes therefore not only destroy the environment and nature but also seriously endanger our health .

The term ecomafia as well as referring to the interests of organized crime of the mafia type in the sector of collection, transport, treatment and accommodation of waste,

it ranges from subdivisions and illegal constructions to forest fires, to the instability of the territory (quarries, rivers, streams), to the decimation of protected fauna, to thefts and trafficking of artistic and archaeological heritage.

fight against eco-mafia
fight against eco-mafia

So what does the fight against eco-mafia refer to?

In a word, the term refers to all the criminal offenses that violate the territory and the environment.

These are crimes deferred over time, which have a double feature, on the one hand no bloodshed, on the other slow and inexorable poisoning.

The number of crimes linked to eco-mafia and their seriousness for the environment, public health and the economy is alarming: it is estimated that 5 serious crimes and 17,000 offenses are damaging to the environment every day .

There are 4 categories of the illegality of the ecomafie

The cement cycle: the illegality chain begins with the excavation of the quarries, the disfigurement of entire hills, continues with the predation of rivers, streams and beaches for the acquisition of the materials necessary for the production of concrete, to end with the construction of illegal buildings and infiltrations in public contracts.

The waste cycle i: it is a set of activities ranging from collection to waste disposal.

There are different ways of disposing of waste.

Industrial sludge, for example, is scattered in the fields of farms;

foundry residues are used as substrates for roads and highways.

In some cases, the quarries previously excavated to obtain the material for the production of concrete are filled with illegally disposed of waste.

The waste is also discharged into the sea .

Often the documents that clan-related companies use to certify the transportation, treatment and disposal of waste are fake.

In this context there is the complicity of a network of backers made up of transport, storage companies and analysis laboratories.

The mafia, in some cases, also intervene to manage the remediation of the sites that have themselves been contaminating.

fight against eco-mafia
fight against eco-mafia

What is the territory for criminal offenders?

The territory preferred by the eco-criminals is the agro-rural and forestry one where they commit irreparable attacks on the environment:

  • uncontrolled landfills
  • illegal spills
  • groundwater pollution
  • fires, unauthorized building
  • alterations of flora and fauna.

As the reports on the emergencies that have occurred in recent times have sadly testified, the sector most affected is that connected to the issue of the traffic of waste managed by organized crime, with particular consequences on the use of the territory.

The mechanism of the economic circuit of the ecomafia starts from the control on the territory and on the extractive activities and leads to the transformation of former quarries for the equally illegal extraction of sand and aggregates, into illegal landfills for all sorts of waste from urban to toxic and harmful.

In fact, instead of being disposed of at authorized sites, solid urban waste is buried in holes created at construction sites or within production sites.

Special toxic, harmful and radioactive waste is even poured into reservoirs, landfills and quarries, even small ones.

The ecomafia, in addition to poisoning the environment with trafficking of toxic waste and suffocating the natural landscape with abusive cement, gets its hands in forest fires, water thefts and even in the racket of animals.

Solutions for the phenomenon of ecomafia

It has now assumed such criticality in the criminal landscape, not only nationally but also internationally, that the Ministry of the Environment and the Protection of the Territory and the Sea has made the fight against eco-crime a priority by engaging on several fronts and putting in place all the actions of coordination and awareness, as well as the resources and legal instruments at its disposal, suitable to contrast the perpetration of environmental offenses.

e-commerce prodotti ecologici
e-commerce ecological products

The only sure thing is that …

even the most trivial of our actions can solve and fight pollution.

Understanding, studying is at the basis of the solution of the ecology problem,

only in this way can solutions be found to change this situation

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