Fires Australia, cries of a catastrophe but whose fault is it?

People are fleeing their homes, children are crying and animals are dying; a catastrophe of gigantic magnitude during the fires in Australia.

Only recently was the state of catastrophic danger declared but the Australian nation has been burning for months now.

In particular in Queensland, New South Wales and western Australia the situation is critical.

Fires Australia, what are the causes and what are the data in terms of dead fauna and flora?

As you know, Australia has a huge territory, and the extent of the fires is also huge, the number of trees burned is very high.

These fires have already caused the loss of 50,000 square km of woods and the situation seems only to get worse.

An impressive number but nothing compared to the data on dead animals, in fact 500 million living beings died during the Australian bonfires.

In addition, 30% of the koala population, a highly endangered animal, has been lost.

Read also: the incredible story of Lewis the koala who died in the fires of Australia.

The shocking data are not finished, there are many deaths even among humans, in fact we count 18 dead and 18 missing.

The causes of Australian bonfires

The sky has turned orange in the most affected areas and now Sydney also seems to be having a bad time.

In fact, today the famous Australian city is the most polluted in the world.

But why all this?

Swedish activist Greta thumberg is right, in fact all of this is due to climate change.

In Brazil one of the causes was the wild deforestation but here in Australia it is a completely different story.

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At this moment in fact in the land of kangaroos it is full summer, the temperatures do not hesitate to exceed 40 degrees!

Furthermore, this year was not rainy at all, thus triggering a severe drought that dried the trees making them much more vulnerable.

Last but not least the very strong warm wind allowed the fires to spread very quickly.

In short, a set of factors that bring the responsibilities of pollution of the earth back to man.

We must necessarily change our habits. There is no more time .

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