Is aluminum water bottle bad for your health?

Good boy! You too have decided to give your contribution to save the environment by stopping using plastic bottles, So … you were trying to buy an alternative and after a bit of research you are wondering if an aluminum bottle is bad for the body!

toxic aluminum
toxic aluminum

in fact, for some time there has been discussion about how important it is to change our habits to improve the fate of the planet …

and it’s a very right thing!

I will try to explain to you if and in what circumstances using an aluminum bottle is bad for our body.

So take two minutes and listen carefully.

If you were to ask me for an opinion I would not advise you to use one,

to explain why I have to start from the beginning …

The aluminum bottle is good or not ??

I start by saying that aluminum is a heavy metal and having prolonged contact with it can cause more or less serious damage to our body

then to extract it a highly polluting process is necessary considering that it is not present free in nature but only combined with other elements

In addition, they are sometimes coated internally with paints that with a long period of use begin to crumble and we would drink them in normal use.

It is true they are very cheap and convenient, just because aluminum is one of the most present materials in nature, but I don’t is very important to me …

So we just have to choose, considering also that aluminum easily dents,

in your choice try to consider glass bottles or stainless steel bottles .

e-commerce ecological products
e-commerce ecological products

In fact, glass and stainless steel do not harm health and even if they are a few euros more they give you the certainty of not risking.

In case you are interested in understanding how to best choose your bottle we have made an article on purpose that will guide you in a conscious choice

from the use of materials to the technical characteristics!

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