Strange bottles, those who seek them have a great personality.

If you ended up here on this page, you definitely have a great personality and you want strange water bottles!

yes, the bottles on sale lately are all the same without character, without something new.

ecological water bottles
ecological water bottles

However, I remind you that in your choice you must not forget the basic tips for buying a water bottle.

Among the many features, the material must necessarily be a healthy material so do not buy plastic bottles or aluminum bottles.

Here I explain the reason.

Of all colors of all patterns, maintaining the highest standards are the Ecoland bottles.

They are less than 300g light and very resistant!

Made of double-walled sus 304 stainless steel, they are thermal and keep the heat 12 hours and the cold 24 hours

You can take them with you everywhere and drink whatever you decide from boiling tea in winter to frozen water in summer.

Moreover, they will allow you to contribute to the fight against pollution, they will allow you to show it to everyone!

With the There is No Planet B design you can demonstrate how much you care about the environment!

I personally take it with me everywhere, to work in the gym by the sea ..

Around 500 billion plastic bottles are produced worldwide and I needed not to contribute to all this.

Moreover, most of these plastic bottles produced are not recycled and end up in the oceans.

There are an estimated 150 million tons of plastic waste left in the oceans and they form the famous plastic islands!

In fact we at pay attention to all this, infact we ship with an ecological packaging in 3-5 days!

Strange bottles

ecological reusable stainless steel thermal bottle silver silver 1

Moreover, to make our contribution, we are studying new lines of ecological products to allow you to have a sustainable life at all times of your day.

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Furthermore, another of our missions is to inform and we try to do it by publishing interesting articles on the subject of ecology and nature.

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