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Il debito italiano verso l’ambiente.

il debito italiano

Il 15 maggio è il Giorno del Sovrasfruttamento ecologico della Terra per l’Italia creando così il debito italiano verso l’ambiente. C’è un appuntamento annuale a cui è bene presentarsi il più tardi possibile, e a cui l’Italia è arrivata in anticipo, 9 giorni prima dello scorso anno: è l’Overshoot Day, il giorno che segna il “tutto esaurito” […]

Ecomaphies, history and numbers of crime.

The ecomafie are constantly increasing, while the perception of risk , especially when compared to other types of offenses, remains extremely low. This erroneous perception does not encourage the spontaneous development of environmentally friendly behavior and prevents the establishment of a virtuous circle between civil society, local administrations and law enforcement. In the ecobuisness sector, organized crime activities are […]

Coronavirus and the environment, is there anything positive?

Satellite observations made in recent weeks show that there is a positive factor between the coronavirus and the environment. From January to March 19, emissions of nitrogen dioxide (NO 2 ) , one of the main polluting gases, which favors asthma and other lung problems , have greatly decreased in Europe. Especially in Northern Italy, one of the most polluted areas of the […]

What is the exploitation of natural resources?

Natural resources: what they are and why they are fundamental to everyone’s life The term natural resources means all the substances, forms of energy and environmental forces of our planet which, after being transformed, are capable of producing value . Some natural resources can be used in the raw state (e.g. wood), others must instead be transformed in […]

Ecology: is there environmental sensitivity in the new generations?

Ecology: The revenge of the new generations! Would you believe it if I told you that the new generations are the most active in fighting environmental pollution? Ecology smiles! Strange but true. For once, we adults have to take example from our children. About 80% of children would give up their habits to reduce the impact of pollution. […]