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Strange bottles, those who seek them have a great personality.

If you ended up here on this page, you definitely have a great personality and you want strange water bottles! yes, the bottles on sale lately are all the same without character, without something new. However, I remind you that in your choice you must not forget the basic tips for buying a water bottle. Among […]

Is aluminum water bottle bad for your health?

Good boy! You too have decided to give your contribution to save the environment by stopping using plastic bottles, So … you were trying to buy an alternative and after a bit of research you are wondering if an aluminum bottle is bad for the body! in fact, for some time there has been discussion about […]

Ecological water bottles, how do I choose?

What?? Over one million plastic bottles are thrown away every minute in the world ??? you can not believe it and to solve this question I will explain how to best choose your ecological water bottles. So now make yourself comfortable and try to follow this simple guide that will allow you to choose the best […]