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Da cosa sono causate le estinzioni e pandemie?

estinzioni e pandemie

Uno studio conferma: caccia, commercio e degradazione dell’habitat sono alla base delle estinzioni e pandemie di origine animale. Una natura sempre più depredata, con foreste che scompaiono per far posto all’agricoltura, riducendo sempre di più la distanza tra l’uomo e gli animali selvatici, sarà uno dei fattori che faciliterà la diffusione di epidemie su scala […]

Hong Kong invaded by coronavirus masks

Hong Kongers are throwing coronavirus masks overboard . Now the city ​​beaches are full of them . Disposable coronavirus masks are filling the beaches of Hong Kong and environmentalists fear that these wastes could endanger marine fauna . About 7.4 million people, most of Hong Kong citizens, have been wearing disposable face masks for weeks in hopes of not getting coronavirus. However, […]

Coronavirus and the environment, is there anything positive?

Satellite observations made in recent weeks show that there is a positive factor between the coronavirus and the environment. From January to March 19, emissions of nitrogen dioxide (NO 2 ) , one of the main polluting gases, which favors asthma and other lung problems , have greatly decreased in Europe. Especially in Northern Italy, one of the most polluted areas of the […]

Coronavirus scares and the climate doesn’t, why?

With the first Italian victims of the coronavirus and the cases of contagion, phobia has also broken out in our country. Isolated towns , closed schools, canceled events, emergency protocols. Globally, the medical-scientific community works to find a cure. A mobilization has started which has few precedents in history. All this in a little over a […]