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Ecologia significato,è una scienza non un’ideologia politica!

Ecologia significato

L’ecologia significato e spiegazione delle modalità con cui studia la convivenza tra gli esseri viventi e l’ambiente in cui vivono. Tra i luoghi comuni su questo argomento possiamo vedere questi falsi miti: che l’ecologia studia soltanto i cambiamenti del pianeta portati dall’uomo che l’ecologia sia una scienza moderna Il termine ecologia è stato coniato dal […]

Biodiversity, what it is and how to protect it.

Biodiversity is defined as: “All kinds of variability between living organisms, terrestrial and marine ecosystems and the ecological complexes of which they are part”. It includes diversity between species and between ecosystems. The protection of biodiversity it certainly presents itself as an extremely broad and complex topic and one of the key concepts related to […]

Pollution of the earth, do you continue to stand with your hands?

The pollution of the earth is now on everyone’s lips and in recent years it is getting higher and higher. The latter is caused by the presence of man who does not realize what he is causing with this lack of respect for the environment. In so doing, it does not give a good example to […]

Daily ecology, 7 steps for a more sustainable life.

It is often said that the contribution of each of us is important especially when it comes to the fight against pollution, therefore daily ecology is fundamental. If you too feel somehow responsible for this situation and want to limit the pollution of the earth, I advise you to relax and start reading this guide. In 7 […]

Ecology: is there environmental sensitivity in the new generations?

Ecology: The revenge of the new generations! Would you believe it if I told you that the new generations are the most active in fighting environmental pollution? Ecology smiles! Strange but true. For once, we adults have to take example from our children. About 80% of children would give up their habits to reduce the impact of pollution. […]