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Ecomaphies, history and numbers of crime.

The ecomafie are constantly increasing, while the perception of risk , especially when compared to other types of offenses, remains extremely low. This erroneous perception does not encourage the spontaneous development of environmentally friendly behavior and prevents the establishment of a virtuous circle between civil society, local administrations and law enforcement. In the ecobuisness sector, organized crime activities are […]

Water protection, what are the rules to respect?

Plastic bags, balls, shoes, packaging materials : if we do not dispose of the waste properly, sooner or later they will end up at sea, not going to protect the waters. In particular, plastic is a non-biodegradable material and is likely to be ingested by whales, seagulls, sea turtles and other animals. Once at sea, however, waste can […]

Co2 emissions, are you informed enough to speak?

In case you want to better understand the dynamics of CO2 emissions, you ended up in the right place. So now take two minutes, get comfortable and let’s start clarifying. Carbon dioxide (The chemical formula is Co2) it is a gas that is produced during combustion, when the carbon contained in the fuel is combined […]

Covid-19, can pollution speed up infection?

It makes discuss the thesis of environmental doctors that pollution can accelerate the spread of covid-19 . The movement of Biologists for Science holds back: “It is not proven”. Lopalco, ” Polluted air hurts , but the virus runs on our legs” By reading and analyzing the information that has been arriving on time for several weeks, one cannot fail to note that […]

Coronavirus and the environment, is there anything positive?

Satellite observations made in recent weeks show that there is a positive factor between the coronavirus and the environment. From January to March 19, emissions of nitrogen dioxide (NO 2 ) , one of the main polluting gases, which favors asthma and other lung problems , have greatly decreased in Europe. Especially in Northern Italy, one of the most polluted areas of the […]

Learn environmental education at school.

Environmental education today becomes a strategic objective for the present and future of our country. The environmental challenge, linked to the conservation of the resources of our planet, represents a challenge that is no longer impossible for future generations. We are in an era that imposes on the whole world, but in particular on Italy […]