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Global warming, do you know enough to talk about it?

It is not always easy to clarify current events. Global warming is certainly one of the most discussed topics today. In fact, between environmental activists and denialists is now a direct clash on the pollution of the planet earth Some deniers argue that global warming is absent, others do not blame man for it. The vast […]

The types of pollution, are you sure you know them all?

When one thinks of pollution or different types of pollution, immediately thoughts run to images of cities , full of traffic and immersed in the smog generated by the fine dust of our machines. Or from the huge amount of plastic that is thrown overboard every day or that we simply do not recycle properly . But, environmental pollution […]

The ranking of the most polluted cities in the world.

Today, the most polluted cities are due to the result of the era of industrial and economic development in which we find ourselves, which goes hand in hand with pollution. The conditions in many cities are so delicate and serious that citizens’ health is at risk. Over the centuries in which man lives on this […]

Pollution of the earth, do you continue to stand with your hands?

The pollution of the earth is now on everyone’s lips and in recent years it is getting higher and higher. The latter is caused by the presence of man who does not realize what he is causing with this lack of respect for the environment. In so doing, it does not give a good example to […]

Haaziq Kazi, the story of the twelve year old Indian.

Haaziq Kazi, it is he who from nothing presented himself to the world with a project that could change the fate of our planet. Barely twelve, he comes from India and his story is nothing short of fascinating. It is useless to reiterate that the new generations are still giving us a moral slap and further hope for […]

Do not pollute, small gestures to safeguard the planet.

Step by step to avoid polluting The problem of waste disposal is becoming a priority: incinerators, landfills and abandonment of all types of waste are real social as well as environmental emergencies. The goal is, do not pollute. Simple isn’t it? Surely you will be asking yourself many questions on how to take this road, but, the […]