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Learn environmental education at school.

Environmental education today becomes a strategic objective for the present and future of our country. The environmental challenge, linked to the conservation of the resources of our planet, represents a challenge that is no longer impossible for future generations. We are in an era that imposes on the whole world, but in particular on Italy […]

The docufilm to inform and raise awareness.

Let’s start by explaining what a docufilm is. The docufilm is actually a simple film that attempts to document reality. It is not a fictional film and the filmed subjects are often not actors. Sometimes, it is narrated by a voiceover, in other cases, there may be no comment (the images “speak for themselves”) and […]

Ecology: is there environmental sensitivity in the new generations?

Ecology: The revenge of the new generations! Would you believe it if I told you that the new generations are the most active in fighting environmental pollution? Ecology smiles! Strange but true. For once, we adults have to take example from our children. About 80% of children would give up their habits to reduce the impact of pollution. […]